Simple & Best Building Block Hacks

BLOCK your Fun Family Weekends

Building brick toys are one of the top most picks, when it is about rekindling kid’s creativity. As adults, it actually means sitting with kids on the floor and playing with them. But seldom, we see ourselves getting bored helping them create those complicated structures. Also, many a times, there are left over toy bricks that don’t seem to have a partnerJ. They lie loose on the floor, sandwiched inside the couch or under it, stuck to house corners and at zillion places where your kids play.

In such a scenario, it is worth experimenting with some brick toy hacks, so that you can put these open ended structures to good use. Whether it is about creating birthday cake props, accessories, photo frames, lampshades or desk organizers, you can go a long way in creating objects of real utility. Let’s take you through it one by one.

  Birthday Props

  No we are not saying that decorate your left over brick toys as cake toppers, because your kid has been lately stepping on those and some may be soiled too.        But you can use these attractive bricks as props during birthday celebration. Just glue them on a durable stick and mark some smiley expressions. Your brick        stick can then be used as an item of decoration. Put them in a vase or place on the wall using a duct tape. You are done!







   It is strikingly creative if you accessorize yourself in a way no one does. The trend is about being different. All you need to do is build your confidence brick by         brick literally as well. Just gather two three brick toys and bind them with a silver chain to make a very different looking hand accessory. Wear these on theme       parties and garner lots of appreciation. These look really cool, you bet.







Create Memories with Photo Frames

You must have heard of photo collages, as they are very common. But why paste photos in an expensively bought photo frame from a gift shop? Why worry when you have those colorful brick nuggets scattered all over? Just collect the uniform ones, and join them into a rectangular shape to get a fantastic looking photo frame. Paste the pictures of your loved ones to create memories for life! A bit of hard work is really worth it.






   Light up

   Brick toys look beautiful, even if they are not arranged in uniform structures. If you are planning to redo your lampshade or are working on a lamp project, then you         can   use colorful toy bricks as you wish. Just crowd inside the lamp base (if there is scope) or you can stick them in bulk and spray paint from top. Use figurines for       better effect. Illuminate your living spaces by using toy bricks aesthetically. For better effects, experiment with colored glasses, mirrors and miniatures to create a           strong base. 
   Then, light up!







  Desk Organizers

  This makes for a very appropriate weekend project. You definitely need to spend quality man hours for an absolutely perfect outcome. All you need to do is,              collect   the flat toy bricks that make for a strong foundation. Imagine it creating like a house with a flat roof top, and then a little servant quarter. Create square          spaces for   putting your stationary and use miniature figures to decorate. You can also keep your mobile, visiting cards and several other objects, as these toy        bricks are   immensely durable. Place it on the table top to spruce up your study space.






While there are hundreds of creative DIY projects that can be accomplished with building brick toys. These bond really well, and can take on weight owing to their strength. Just put your grey cells to good use to figure out what item of utility would you like to create first with these. Block your weekends and have a great time building these with your family.

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